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Tory introduced me to yoga and now I am loving it!  The class proceeds at a gentle pace and Tory coaches students through each pose for a complete workout that challenges the body and mind, yet leaves you rested and relaxed.  Thank you, Tory!!!!

-GB dots

I first decided to explore yoga because I was having a lot of trouble with generalized movements. When I attended Tory’s Advanced Vinyasa class, I was surprised by how strenuous it was. However, because the class was very organized and enthusiastically taught, I decided to keep going. I quickly realized that despite running, lifting weights, and actively drumming, I was missing many different muscle groups in my current exercise regimen.

After approximately eight of her weekly classes, I started to notice that I felt quite different. I could now feel muscles in my back that made my posture much more upright. My abdomen was much more toned.  Furthermore, most of my back pain as well as the pain in the joints of my hands, elbows, and shoulders had been greatly relieved.  This class helped me notice the muscle stress and discomfort that accompanies sitting at a desk and using a computer all day.

I’ve experienced over 25 different yoga instructors and Tory is unique. Although her classes are meant to be mentally and physically challenging, each step of her class prepares you adequately for the next step and allows you to perform activities that you would not think are possible. She understands human anatomy as well as movement extraordinarily well. Each class is unique, well planned and executed. Tory pays strict attention to the details of all class members and makes sure that they are performing their activities well. Furthermore, she knows the absolute limits of each class member’s capabilities and adjusts to them appropriately.

I would highly recommend her class to anyone who is experiencing chronic joint and back pain as well as individuals looking for a mentally and physically challenging experience.

-John Varlotto, MD dots

I have been practicing yoga at home for a few years, watching videos to help me gain strength and flexibility. I have been to yoga classes at larger gyms, but I always felt uncomfortable and I had no connection to the instructors.  What a relief to meet Tory and immediately be drawn in by her warmth and positive energy! The Positional Therapy class left me feeling even better than having a massage. Like so many others, I had lots of dull pains in my joints all of the time. Much of those aches and pains were gone after one session. It was like a small miracle for me! Since I enjoyed the session, I decided to try yoga for the summer session. It was great, and I am grateful to have found Tory and her expertise. No more massages for me, as the combination of Positional Therapy classes and yoga have me feeling much better than massages ever did. And having Tory make corrections to my yoga postures greatly improves the benefits of my practice. I describe Tory’s yoga classes to friends and acquaintances as fantastic! Tory is so approachable and her classes are perfect for beginners and more advanced yogis.

-RD dots

I had the good fortune of finding Tory a little more than two years ago and what a journey it has been.  After a brutal knee surgery and lengthy rehabilitation that left me weakened in body and mind, I thought I was out of options. Physical therapy had not been very effective and trying to build strength doing my old ways of working out (spinning, weight training and kick boxing) were no longer possible.  I was 50 years old and believed that I was on my way to premature decline.

As a last resort, I thought I would try yoga.  Totally out of my comfort zone, I explained to Tory the evolution of not just my knee related issues, but also the subsequent hip, back and foot pain that creeped in after my surgery.  She patiently listened to my list of ailments and limitations and with a smile told me “I think I can  help you.”

She was right in more ways than one.  Tory has given me relief from pain, strength through developing a yoga practice, and most importantly, HOPE that even with setbacks, I can progress through my practice.  I recently moved to Cape Cod and keep weekly Skype appointments with Tory even though I attend yoga classes locally. I find that my weekly sessions with Tory serve as a helpful reset  at at the beginning of the week and provide me with a unique opportunity to ask about any specific physical issues  I may be struggling with.

The most important thing to know about Tory is that she can meet you wherever you are at in your practice. She has the knowledge and experience to help many people .

-Mary Jane Olson dots

I love the detail she puts into her teaching, crafting classes that work on so many different levels. Her adjustments are spot on, she has a great eye for alignment and a good sense of what each individual student can do. There is a joy in her teaching and it is infectious. I can recommend her classes to beginners and advanced practitioners; there is something in each class for everyone.

-GMC dots

In my time working with Tory, I have found myself to be more present and conscious of my body.  Previously, I had lower back pain when standing up for long periods of time in addition to pain in my hip flexors that were intensified through work stress.  I had wanted to find to a yoga practice but found it difficult to find a class that would work with my shifting work schedule.  Thankfully, Tory not only accommodated my schedule but also used Skype so I could practice in my own home.  In addition, she crafted a personalized plan that targeted my lower back and hip flexors while strengthening other points.  Though I what I most enjoy about the classes is the joy Tory brings to her teaching. I always end up with a smile even through the more challenging poses.  Tory is a skillful instructor that can meet the practitioner where he/she is and build gradually.  Since taking classes I have noticed that my pain has significantly decreased.  I am also more aware of my body and its capacity of movement.  The physical relief has brought a deeper sense presence, which has brought more balance to my everyday life.

-Caitlin Snow dots

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