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It’s Time

Several years ago I gave up resolutions in favor of choosing one word to guide my year. It’s my way of setting an intention. It serves as a simple reminder of where I want my energy to go every day in order to continue building and living a life I love. This year I chose TIME.

Time to set aside fear.

Time to take the next big step.

Time to bust open doors.

Time to close others.

Time to go deeper.

Time to celebrate.

More time with family and friends.

Less time mindlessly scrolling on a little screen.

These are just a few of the things I hope time helps guide me towards this year. It is the my most precious commodity. And I want to squeeze every bit of value out of my life by living one that is not fleetingly busy but one that is beautifully full and deep.

Hard is OK

I was assisting a yoga class and noticed a very tall gentleman in a very, very short Utthita Trikonasana (triangle pose).  I suggested he take a much longer stance given his very long legs.  At first he resisted and then he looked worried.  That will make the pose too hard he replied.  I set himContinue Reading

Pratipaksha Bhavana

In the last week I’ve been gently, or not so gently, reminded of a really lovely concept in yoga philosophy.  Let me back up and explain. I’ve been undertaking some home improvement projects in what will become my practice space and home office.  The projects are mostly of the do it yourself type.  And it’sContinue Reading

Practicing Self-Compassion

Over the last few weeks, during the initial centering in class, I’ve been instructing my students to scan their bodies and notice what is happening.  It’s a way to begin connecting mind and body in a way that we seldom do throughout the day.  From that budding connection I encourage them to accept the bodyContinue Reading

What is Yoga?

My first experience with yoga was through asana or the physical practice on the mat. My neck and shoulders were a mess. I could feel the tension stored in tight knots throughout my body. I needed a way to move and release some of that tension and so I found my first yoga class. IContinue Reading

Finding Steadiness and Comfort

I’ve been experiencing a love/hate relationship with surya namaskar B, or sun salutations B, for awhile now.  I love all the poses individually.  Put them together with a single inhale or exhale each though and something goes awry. For quite a long time last year, I would include a round or two of surya namaskarContinue Reading

The Art of Downtime

Downtime.  It’s that completely unplanned, unscheduled bit of time in our days.  It has no purpose other than to revive and energize the rest of our life.  It’s a form of self-care that should come easily to us.  Yet, I stink at it. I am a planner and a doer.  I cross things off massiveContinue Reading

Practice and Letting Go

Over the last week I’ve found myself attaching a great deal of expectation to my practice on the mat.  The first time it reared its ugly head was in a restorative practice on Friday.  I had had a long, though admittedly shortened, week at work and desperately wanted some nourishment from my practice.  I spentContinue Reading

Happy New Year!

I love beginnings.  They are filled with excitement, hope, and possibility.  I think that is why I’m drawn to this first line of the Yoga Sutras over and over again. Now begins the practice of yoga.  ~ Yoga Sutras of Patanjali I.1 This one short line is simple yet powerful.  It is all about beginning,Continue Reading

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