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Setting up a home yoga practice: The props

I once read that a yoga teacher was asked by a student, “How many times a week should I get on the mat and practice?” The teacher’s response was once a week is better than zero, twice is better than once, and on and on.

Getting to a yoga studio for a 75 – 90 minute practice 7 days a week is probably not likely given our life schedules. What is possible though is getting on the mat every day at home. And good news! It needn’t be a lengthy practice to see great benefits. By showing up on the mat every day anywhere from 5 – 30 minutes you will feel better in your body and your mind.

And more good news! You don’t need a lot of gear to get started. From my point of view there are two things that everyone should invest in.  The rest can be gathered up from around the house.

Yoga props to invest in….and those to find around the house


  1.  A high quality yoga mat:: Invest in a heavy sticky mat that won’t crawl all over the floor while you’re practicing. It should also give you enough padding to help cushion your knees when kneeling.
  2. A pair of sturdy blocks:: Blocks help create possibilities in our poses. They help us access actions and movements in the body that might otherwise be inaccessible when, say, straining to reach the floor. It’s not a crutch or a cheat!

Shop Your House

  1. A blanket:: Most of us have plenty of options from which to choose already laying around the house. Blankets create a perch to sit upon so that you’re nice and tall. And the obvious? A cozy layer to rest under during savasana.
  2. A belt, towel or long scarf:: Having something at the ready that helps you to reach your feet or get your hands behind your back is a must have, especially while we patiently wait for hamstrings to lengthen and shoulders to open. There are so many options around the house to help in this endeavor!
  3. A dense pillow or couch cushion:: In a more restorative yoga pose extra props create the shape for you so that you don’t have to do the work. A dense pillow or couch cushion will take the place of a bolster anytime you need some extra R&R.

Want some more specifics about what props I use in my home practice? Request my Home Practice Toolkit guide below.  It even includes how to shop your house to make similar substitutions with what you already own.


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A Yogi Gift Guide

With the holidays right around the corner I decided to create a gift guide for you.  Each and every item in the guide is something that I love and use all the time.  I think you and the yogis in your life will love them too! {Don’t be shy about sending this over to spouses,Continue Reading

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