Supported Backbend Video Tutorial

I’d like to introduce you to one of my very favorite yoga poses.  Supported backbend!  It’s a pose I do every single day for 5 minutes a day.  Occasionally, it might even appear an extra time during the day.  It’s that helpful to me in daily life.  And because I want you to reap those same benefits I made you a supported backbend video tutorial!

Why do I love it so?  Supported backbend effectively, and rather passively, undoes the caved in chest, forward rounded shoulders, and overstretched upper back that is the result of hours and hours in front of computers and other devices.  If we don’t work to balance this tendency in our yoga practice, this shape of the shoulders and spine will often lead to nagging aches and pains in those body parts.  Not to mention it sets us up on a trajectory to be stooped and rounded forward later in life….and I think most of us would love to still be standing tall at 90 and beyond!

In this supported backbend video tutorial I walk you through two versions so that you can chose the one that makes the most sense for your body.  Are you a beginner?  Chose the first option I demonstrate.  Set your timer for 1 minute and little by little work your way up to longer and longer in the pose.  Have you been practicing this pose for a while?  Chose the second option I demonstrate.  Set your timer for 5 minutes and enjoy.   I hope you’ll watch the video and start incorporating this pose into your daily life.  I think you’ll find it as beneficial and worthwhile as I do!

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