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yoga classes Beginner Vinyasa

This beginner level class will introduce you to the fundamentals of a vinyasa practice which uses the linkage between breath and movement to progress through the class. The pace of class will be slower with poses broken down and carefully instructed to ensure proper alignment allowing students to develop both strength and flexibility. No previous yoga experience required!

dots All Levels Vinyasa

This all levels class will move through a well-rounded sequence of poses to create flexibility, stability, and strength. With careful attention on instruction and proper alignment the mind will become focused on the present moment, a quality that can be taken with you off the mat. Modifications will be offered throughout the class making it appropriate for a wide range of practitioners.

dots Advanced Vinyasa

In this advanced class you will use the breath to flow through a carefully sequenced and properly aligned series of Sun Salutations and postures. This will allow the development of the flexibility, stability, and strength required to build toward more advanced postures such as inversions, arm balances, and the “big” backbends.  This class is appropriate for those looking to challenge their current practice.   NOTE: This class is not appropriate for beginners. Students should be comfortable practicing Sun Salutations A + B, including chaturanga and upward facing dog. 

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