How would it feel…

  • To go an entire day without aches and pains?
  • To be comfortable in your own body?
  • To have the knowledge to keep it that way day after day?
  • To be actively pursuing your hobbies and passions rather than sitting on the sidelines?

Imagine If Headline

At the end of the work day your low back, shoulders, neck, and {insert cranky body part here} demand your attention.  Your favorite past times and hobbies are starting to fall by the wayside because they often hurt instead of help how you’re feeling.  You want to fix it but you just don’t know how…..or if it is even possible to fix.

But the truth is

Neck StretchI know how you feel.  Many years ago I had such pain in my low back that I dreaded having to stand up from a seated position.   As I took those first few steps I was stooped over further than my 86 year old grandmother, my right SI joint protesting loudly every step of the way.  Eventually I’d have taken enough steps that I was finally, painfully, able to be fully upright.  Too often yoga classes would make my low back feel worse and I wondered if I was going to have to give up my beloved practice.

Fast forward a few years — through an alignment based vinyasa yoga teacher training, a therapeutic restorative yoga teacher training, and positional therapy training — and I am pain free and doing everything I love to do.  Together those trainings gave me a unique perspective and blended approach to managing and eliminating my pain without spending hours each day to achieve and maintain the comfort in my body.

Yoga for Achy BodiesI had to share this!  This small group course is designed to give busy desk jockeys and crazy long commuters the tools you need to move you from off the sidelines of life {and feeling as if aches and pains are just part of it} to feeling empowered to fully embrace your passions without anything to slow you down.

Yoga for Achy Bodies Testimonial

Here’s what this amazing 8 week course looks like.

Weeks 1-4 are all about laying the foundation.  In these weekly workshops you’ll get….

  • An understanding of how you spend your days is affecting how you feel
  • An understanding of how to better set up your work space
  • Weekly 20 minute yoga practices with audio {yours to download and keep forever!}
  • Restorative poses and breath practices to release muscle tension
  • A workbook {so you don’t have to remember everything at once!}

Weeks 5-8 are all about building a yoga habit to help you live free of aches.  Here you’ll get….

  • A weekly drop-in yoga class {4 in total}
  • Twice weekly emails to encourage and challenge you to stay on track
  • Sneaky yoga practices for at your desk {your co-workers will never know}
  • Sneaky yoga practices for in bed {yep, you read that right – can’t get any easier than that}
  • A private Facebook group to hang out, get answers to questions, and additional support


This course is perfect for you if…

  • You are motivated to make changes in your life
  • You are willing to put some work in everyday
  • You love the support of working in a small group

This course is NOT for you if…

  • You are looking for a quick fix or a band-aid
  • You aren’t able to consistently do the homework
  • You are more comfortable working 1-on-1

Yoga for Achy Bodies Testimonials


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